Well, we are off to school.  Today we visited Waseda University.  Waseda University is Keio University’s rivals.  You can imagine the grief we received for visiting Keio first.  We had arranged visits with three separate classrooms.  Just by talking to the students you could tell their grade level.  The first class we visited held only freshman.  The whole meeting was very awkward as the students talked, but didn’t really communicate.  They answered the few questions that they understood, but did not say much more.  The second group was much more talkative, but the whole arrangement felt very hollow.  I received several compliments on my blue eyes and I’ll leave it at that.  The third and final group contained several grad students.  Personally, I enjoyed this group most of all, as most of the students could understand what we were saying and contribute to the conversation.  I realize that few students in our program actually speak Japanese and most of the confusion was brought on by us.  I feel that I should have taken at least one Japanese course before attempting to speak with the students at Waseda.