Tonight’s dinner was interesting to say the least.  After our company final company visit, our class was taken to a restaurant that was quite unique.  I guess you could say we made it ourselves.  We sat down at tables with boiling waiter in the center.  Large plates of raw pork and beef sit to the side looking as unappetizing as ever.  I could not think of anything more bizarre.  As we tossed the raw slices of meat in the water they cooked before our eyes, making a sort of stew.  After a few seconds the meal was edible and we could pick and choose what we wanted.  The most difficult part of the meal was not the food, but rather the waiters.  The language barriers kept us from receiving more water, rice and meat.  Eventually we were able to establish the most basic of hand gestures to receive or larger portions.  The mixture of steam, heat and frustration with the waiters made us happy that we only had a few days left in Japan.  Japan is great, but you need to understand the language to be able to live there for extended periods.