On our last free day as a study abroad group, we spent our day wandering the streets.  As we have spent majority of our trip in Roppongi we found it odd that we had only ever ventured into downtown during the night.  Nick, Eric, Rob, Jared and I left the hotel that morning without knowing what to expect.  We made it our plan to see the sights of the city in daylight.  The first ting we happened upon was an escalator leading underground.  This area was not five minutes from our hotel, but do to the crowded streets at night we had never seen it before.  We were pleasantly surprised at what we found.  An underground mall of sorts had been within walking distance from our hotel all along.  It was primarily eateries, but scattered about were bookstores and other quality shops.  My favorite aspect of this underground paradise is that it led to a beautiful park.  The beauty about this park was its seclusion from hustle and bustle of the city around it.  It was so refreshing to see families enjoying themselves lackadaisily is the summer sun.  scattered around a man-made pond were benches that Japanese businessmen occupied.  They had come to this pleasant oasis to escape the concrete jungle.