“Mickey Mouse.  Donald Duck!”  Today we made our way to Tokyo Disneyland.  On our first free day in Japan, a small group of students from the program, along with myself decided to visit what is called “the happiest place on Earth.”  I feel that this expression may be a little exaggerated.  Tokyo Disney was much smaller than I expected.  I have traveled to Disney World in Florida several times and my experiences between the two varied immensely.  Instead of going on vacation and noticing the foreigners grouping together of by themselves, we were the foreigners, we were the outsiders.  It was interesting walking around not knowing what others were saying.  The layouts of the Disney parks are the same, but the experience within are different.  It was bizarre being in a familiar place but feeling lost.  My day was thoroughly enjoyable, save for the long lines.  I cannot think of a better way to spend my free day.