Can I say WTF in these blog posts?!  Today was an interesting day indeed.   For our lunch we attended the spectacle that is Maid Cafe.  I still don’t know what to write in this post as I am speechless.  This insane aspect of Japanese culture will forever leave me dazed and confused.  In my personal opinion it was nothing sexual, although it may be for some.  The entire time I was laughing.  The worst part of it all is that people spend so much money here.  The 500 yen cover charge for each guest is a joke, because on top of that drinks and food are still expensive as all get out.  I seen on the menu an 88,000 yen Champaign choice, to which I am assuming the customer is not paying for just drinks.  The only thing I ordered along with most other students was dessert.  The cutesy anime drawings on each dish did not warrant the 900 yen price tag.  This may be considered a legitimate restaurant in Japan, but I can’t imagine ever coming back to one of these places.  Just another example of “CRAZY Japan!”

*image courtesy of RadinYadolahi