The rain is back and in full force.  Today is the day we go to Harajuku, cosplay central.  Unfortunately for us it is raining, yet again.  We are unable to see the full spectacle that normally surrounds Harajuku.  The gloomy weather scares off the cosplay regulars.  Only the hardcore or weather ignorant remain.  While I do spot the occasional pink-haired extremists, there is no doubt in my mind I am missing the true experience.  I cannot stress enough how depressing the weather is.  Walking down the streets I am overwhelmed by the amount of umbrellas around me.  Just like the first night, umbrellas from passing locals slap into my face.  It seems like I am the worst height for Japan.  Being just slightly taller than the majority, my eye-line matches up perfectly with umbrellas held high.  I swear I could lose an eye just meandering down the streets, minding my own business.