I guess I should say the lack there of.  I am not saying that there is no clothes in Japan, I’m just saying that there is none that will fit me.  I’ve tried on several items and from what I can tell, I need to buy everything in at least and XL.  Although, some XL shirts were still too small.  The petite Japanese male figure and feminine stature frustrates me.  My broader American chest has inhibited me from buying some rather cool jackets and hoodies.  The only shirt I was able to fit in completely was a shirt made baggy for fashion purposes.  The shirt is awesome and I did buy it, but it was in no way my favorite item in the stores we have been in.  One jacket in particular stood out to me.  I tried it on and my broader shoulders nearly ripped the seams.  Sadly, it did not come in any size larger than L and I was forced to leave it there.  It is now destined for some scrawny Japanese teenager