Akihabara is not all that appears to be at a distance.  After walking the streets and visiting several stores, I have concluded that this is a perverted district.  I have seen electronic stores.  I have seen video games and arcades.  There is anime and manga.  The disturbing thing is that no matter what store you go to you will find some porn.  Most places look innocent.  The first floor is everything that you would expect, but watch yourself as you walk up the stairs the floors above.  Hentai posters and body pillows liter the stores.  The most disturbing aspect is the age depicted in most of their “art”.  Most of the hentai everywhere appears to display young girls.  I realize they claim to be over 18, but seriously.  None of this would stand a chance back in the United States.  And I’m only talking about the stores that appear innocent at first.

Part 2:  I revisited Akihabara today with Jared and his brother, who has lived in Japan for the last seven years.  My experience there was completely different from the first day.  Traveling with someone who actually knew the good electronics shops changed my whole perspective on Akihabara.  After visiting several computer parts and collectable video game stores, I now know how Akihabara received the title “Electric City”.  Akihabara just became my favorite destination in Japan.