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American Celebrities

We are celebrities in Japan.  It seems like everywhere we go, we are treated like celebs.  School children everywhere say “Hello” and want high fives.  One day in particular we were asked to give autographs.  At the shrine in Kyoto a group of school children spotted us out of the crowd.  We were swarmed with pictures.  Every kid wanted pictures with us.  Then on top of that, they had us write in their little journals and notebooks.  Thinking back on it, I hope they won’t use my signature in any illegal way.  Can you say identity theft?  No, but in all seriousness it was crazy.  I’ve never felt so popular in my life.  Even walking to Hiroshima, every kid on a field trip held out their hand to high five me.  Thinking back on it, that was a little weird considering where we were.  But I guess that’s the extent of of popularity.  They don’t care where you are, they just care that you are American.

DenDen Town (the Akihabara of Osaka… kinda)

Every store looks the same.  I’m here in the electronic district of Osaka and have a constant felling of deja vu.  As we walk store to store I see more of the same thing.  There are overpriced video games, some crazy electronics and anime.  Sure there is the occasional porn store, but that doesn’t really apply to my interest in Japan.  I am not saying that I don’t enjoy Den Den, as I do very much so.  It is just that I thought that there would be a little more variety in separate street corner electronic shops.  The most enjoyable place we went to was the PlayStation store.  I had no idea that Osaka had one, we just happened upon it during our little excursion.  There may not have been much in the store, but it was the idea that counts.  I can now say that I have been to an Official PlayStation  Store.