One thing that I have discovered in Japan is the varying definitions across cultures.  Back in the states I am proud to consider myself a geek.  Being tech savvy and computer literate is a label I accept with great pride.  Here in Japan, the definition of geek is quite different.  A geek in Japan is actually quite perverse.  Geeks, in Japan, are closely related with otaku.  Otaku is the culture that surrounds itself in anime and manga.  Geek takes this obsession one step further to include hentai.  While at D3 Publisher I learned that dating games for men and women are called “Geek Games”.    In these games, lonely Japanese men try to lure and seduce anime characters into something of an intimate relationship.  One thing is for sure, I do not want to be called a geek ever again, because as soon as I hear that word I immediately think of the perverseness of that underground Japanese culture.