Today was an eye opener.  I remember the last time visiting Hiroshima, but I don’t recall feeling this depressed.  This time going through the museum, we walked independently, not as a group.  We were also given headphones and an audio device that translated into English.  Hearing the stories and first hand accounts left me heartbroken.  How could we have done this?  Because we walked at our own pace, I found myself retracing my steps.  Walking back and forth in the museum.  I would click to the next audio file and realize that I missed the visual display.  I would walk back just to see what I had missed.  It was a hard day.  Even when out of the museum and just sightseeing it was hard to take pictures.  I didn’t know if it was alright to smile.  I didn’t know if that would be taken in disrespect for the place we were at, the history that had and will forever be scorched into the earth.