Rain, rain, go away!  We have finally arrived in Japan and the only thing I notice is the bad weather.  Lugging my two rolling luggage plus the MSU camcorder is a real pain.  Since our flight arrived a half hour behind schedule our whole group has been forced to rush around trying to catch train after train and navigate our way to the hotel.  I don’t even have time to realize where I am.  I am in Japan!  Stop and go.  Run, run, run.  I am still a mess from the flight with jet lag, yet I need to keep up with the group darting across train platforms,nearly catching trains as the doors close seconds after hopping aboard.  When we finally step outside, rain is pouring down and we lost the professor.  I noticed his bags at the top of the steps and a feeling of panic overwhelms me.  Where do we go now?  Just then Dr. C returns with umbrellas a plenty for the group.  As we make our way to the hotel from the subway, I am left fumbling with an umbrella, balancing it on my shoulder while dragging roller luggage in both hands all whilst holding the MSU camcorder.  The walk felt like it went on forever, although now we know it’s on two blocks and less than five minutes.  Upon reaching the hotel I notice my hand.  My knuckles were left diced and cut from carrying the camcorder case and blood is dripping from my fingertips.  I arrive injured, tired and disoriented, yet a grin still lingers on my face.  I am in Japan!