Our second company visit was to DNP.  Dai Nippon Printing stands for Great Japan Printing.  The technology showcased was innovative to say the least.  On the demo floor, we saw a variety of new technologies, many of them directed at museums.  The first thing demoed to us was a model car and projector.  This was unique in the fact that when I touched the car, the projector automatically sensed where and showed the internal workings  of the automobile, or change in colors.  i had no idea that it was possible for a projector to process the sense of touch from where it projected.  The second object we saw was a 3D televisions that required no glasses.  now, DNP did not develop the television, but rather the technology used to create 3D movies from a 2D source.  One thing that caught my eye were ceremonial scripts hanging on the wall, or at least that’s what they appeared to be.  When we walked closer we realized that they were not physical canvases at all, but rather HD televisions projecting images.  DNP had developed an attachment that auto corrects contrast and color to more realistically represents the original image.  I can vouch for that.  I was completely fooled!  DNP is a very innovative and successful Japanese company.