Upon arriving in Japan, I have felt that our group is seen as loud inconsiderate Americans.  That all changed today.  Within a matter of weeks, even days, I seen a change in us all.  Our group is accepting and adapting to the customs that are standard here in Japan.  A prime example of this is sickness in Japan.  One of the first students to take ill on the trip was my friend Vida.  After realizing that her coughing was drawing more attention than expected she rectified her predicament.  Vida realized that it was common courtesy to wear masks as to not infect those around her.  For days we noticed these people walking around the city wearing masks.  What was strange, was the fact that only our group gave these people second glances.  The fact that masks are worn when sick signified the level of politeness in Japan.  I have a new level of respect for those in our program who went outside their comfort zone to conform to the ways of this distant land.